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Cremation Services

This Cremation Resource Guide is designed  to help families make informed decisions concerning cremation and cremation oriented services.  Whether you have experienced the loss of a family member or you are planning in advance, this guide will help plan a service with cremation, while meeting the needs of  family and friends and providing an appropriate memorial for the deceased. Additionally, the arranging director, can offer insights to help create a personalized cremation service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation

Q: What Is Cremation?
A: Cremation is the process of reducing the body to  fragmented bones through the process of intense heat in a cremation furnace or retort. Cremation is defined by the State as one of the types of “final disposition” as is burial or entombment, and is another way to care for the body as part of the funeral.

Q: Does Cremation Cost Less?
A: Generally, the cost of the cremation process as final disposition of the body is less than traditional ground burial or mausoleum entombment, although the final disposition  is only one part of the complete memorialization process. Every memorial will vary with each person’s preferences. Your arranging director will help you plan a meaningful memorial while keeping your budget concerns in mind.

Q: Can I Be Cremated And Still Have A Traditional

A: The term “traditional” only refers to an accepted way or choice in the past. When times change, so do traditions. Today, there are numerous options for a meaningful service either before or after the cremation process.

Q: What Happens After The Cremation?
A: While the cremation process is the legal final disposition of the body, each family should thoughtfully consider their options for the actual disposition of their family member’s cremains. Choices include burial in a family plot, scattering in a scatter garden, or placement in a niche or elsewhere. In addition to the memorial ceremonies, many families need a specific location to go later for reflection and remembrance of their family member. This need is often realized weeks or months after the death and may be impossible if scattering takes place too soon.

Q: My Family Member Didn’t Want A “Funeral” But We  Need To Do Something?
A: We offer many alternatives from limited private viewing, receiving of friends with or without viewing, to Chapel or Garden Court memorial services. We will help you plan a meaningful remembrance for your family and friends.
Q: Is A Casket Required For Cremation?
No casket is legally required for cremation, just a simple container, which is strong enough to hold the body. This could be a can be made from reinforced pressboard, or heavy cardboard.
Our local crematories require the container to be combustible.

Decisions You Must Make If You Choose Cremation

  • Will there be a viewing or service prior to cremation
  • Which crematory will perform the cremation
  • Whether to use an urn or other container
  • What to do with the remains
  • Will the remains be divided among family members
  • Some jurisdictions have laws prohibiting the scattering of remains; others require a permit. Ask your funeral director.

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